Dynasty Financial solutions, LLC is a Financial literacy company. We deliberately focus on assisting our clients as they reflect on the financial behaviors that have led to poor credit ratings, uncontrollable spending habits and financial mishaps. We operate and live in a judgement free zone. As you will soon find out, we have been where you are, so step into our office determined and willing. Leave the worry at the door.

Our Financial Wellness plan is a 6-month program where you receive education, recommendations, and leave with the knowledge and willpower to propel yourself and your family forward.


We are not Certified Financial Planners and do not specialize in credit repair. We specialize in listening to the goals you have created for yourself, and we specialize in coaching you on the how. How do I make decisions that will lead to improved credit performance? How do I acquire a personal savings? How do I set my family up, and do away with generational setbacks and start creating generational wealth


We specialize in you.

OWNERS / first clients

Meet Deborah Crutcher and Maria Kitchen. Two sisters. One goal.

After personally experiencing a number of financial woes,  bankruptcy, and falling for the "get good credit quick" proposal multiple times,  individually we both realized that what we thought was the problem, was actually not the problem at all. It was the result of a detrimental mindset.


It took us years to comprehend that we simply lacked the knowledge to put ourselves on the road to true freedom. We began reading and learning all there was to know about  the credit system, developing personal budgets, the art behind creating and planning goals, investments and so much more. After successfully building our own financial portfolio we were able to retire from both of our corporate America jobs at the ages of 40 and 41. 

Though our journey through life appeared to be opposite, the journey lead us to a common desire - helping ourselves and others obtain financial freedom. Join the Dynasty family as we help others do just that without making the same mistakes we made.


Deborah Crutcher

Founder & CEO, Credit/Financial Coach


Maria Kitchen

Co Owner, Budget Coach

Dynasty Financial solutions LLC carries the necessary licensing and insurance to operate business.  Our coaches carry over 15 years of certified coaching experience and have over 20 coaching certifications including Coach University, PAIR Coaching, ABCD coaching and more.